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The Share in Your Care blog is designed to serve as a resource for our patients and community. By providing relevant, timely articles we aim to give you additional resources to empower you in your health care decisions.

Barbara Worthington

Barbara has been coordinating with Ithaca Primary Care to help bring you thoughtful, well-researched articles to assist you in educating yourself about your health and wellbeing. 

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Recent Articles

Dangers of a High-Salt Diet

Researchers have long known that dietary salt affects cardiovascular health. Monitoring your daily salt intake can pay health dividends. Although the human body needs salt,

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Truths About Tooth Care

Study Shows Good, Bad and Ugly on Oral Hygiene A recent study explored effective methods of dental care, separating fact from fiction. Research conducted by

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Plant-Based Imitation Meats

With the increasing attention toward more healthful, greener and more humane meat alternatives, new plant-based meats have emerged. But are they safe, nutritious substitutes? A

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