Professional counseling can help you through a wide variety of challenges, from problems with depression and anxiety to weight loss and smoking cessation. Dr. Stevanovic and his team at Ithaca Primary Care in Ithaca, NY, understand that high-quality health care is about more than just diagnosing physical symptoms and disease, it’s about promoting whole-body wellness.

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Counseling Q&A

What is counseling?

The professional counseling offered through Ithaca Primary Care is a collaborative partnership between you, Dr. Stevanovic, and our behavioral health therapists to solve a specific problem or issue. Several types of counseling are available at Ithaca Primary Care depending on your specific needs. With our providers’ guidance, you might:

What is anxiety or depression counseling?

Anxiety and depression are different mental health disorders with several similarities: however, many people experience them at the same time. It’s normal for anxiety or sadness to occur from time to time, but when these emotions persist or begin to interfere with your life, counseling can help. During anxiety or mental health counseling appointments, our team works with you to diagnose your disorder and develop an effective treatment strategy. This may include talk therapy, medications, lifestyle changes, as well as coping techniques.

What is attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) counseling?

Although ADHD is often associated with children, it’s a common condition in adults as well. If you’re having problems concentrating or listening, experiencing difficulty standing still, or facing challenges establishing effective work habits, you may have ADHD. Counseling with our team addresses your symptoms and may introduce behavioral modifications to manage your condition.

What is weight loss counseling?

Losing weight on your own can feel impossible, especially if you’ve struggled with weight management your entire life. Counseling can help identify the unique challenges you face by focusing on emotional or behavioral triggers. It can also help develop coping strategies and lifestyle changes to manage them. Weight loss counseling may involve medication therapy and nutritional counseling, as well as activities and exercise recommendations.

What is smoking cessation counseling?

The highly addictive nature of nicotine makes it very difficult to quit smoking; however, it’s important to kick the habit because of its many deadly health consequences. Dr. Stevanovic and our therapists ease you through the quitting process with therapies designed to reduce withdrawal symptoms and overcome the triggers behind your smoking habit.

Learn more about the counseling and behavioral services offered at Ithaca Primary Care — call or schedule an appointment online today.

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Learn more about the counseling and behavioral services offered at Ithaca Primary Care — call or schedule an appointment online today.