Cayuga Health Partners (CHP) is a collaborative partnership between Cayuga Area Physicians’ Alliance and Cayuga Medical Center; encompassing more than 40 primary and specialty care practices, including Ithaca Primary Care. As a clinically integrated network, CHP incorporates evidence-based best practices and innovative data exchange in a way that aligns physician incentives, while driving network enhancements to achieve optimal health outcomes at an affordable cost. 

Cayuga Health Partners ACO is a clinically integrated network made up of 215 primary care and specialty physicians, including Dr. Stevanovic. CHP is aligned with Cayuga Medical Center and its facilities that are dedicated to bringing a system of high-quality and coordinated health care to our region. The network provides services for approximately 7,000 Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries located throughout the Tompkins County area. 

CHP ACO focuses on three objectives:

What is an Accountable Care Organization? 

An Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is a collaboration among doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers partnering with Medicare to provide the best possible care. 

The goal of an ACO is supporting physicians to provide the best care for patients by ensuring they have the most up to date information. This means your doctors are communicating and sharing information and resources with each other in a more efficient and effective way, allowing doctors to avoid duplicate testing. Through increased collaboration and coordination your doctors can more effectively follow your health, individual needs, and preferences.