Ithaca Primary Care 

Primary Care Internal Medicine & Behavioral Health Practice in Ithaca, NY 

Ithaca Primary Care is committed to providing the highest quality primary care and behavioral health services for individuals aged 18 and above in Tompkins County, NY and the surrounding communities. 

While modern medicine has made great advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, there has also been a significant decline in the role the doctor-patient relationship plays in health care. Dr. Stevanovic and the Ithaca Primary Care team understands the importance of this relationship. 

Our team also recognizes that there’s more to medicine than merely treating symptoms. Each patient’s total environment needs to be considered because it has a significant impact on an individuals whole-body health and overall well being. 

Under Dr. Stevanovic’s leadership, the Ithaca Primary Care experts work to build relationships with the patients in their care by establishing an old-fashioned doctor-patient relationship based on trust, competence, and genuine concern. The first step is ensuring that adequate time is always taken to provide thorough and attentive examinations. By working closely with their patients, the providers at Ithaca Primary Care take a whole-person approach to compassionate and effective health care. 

Ithaca Primary Care offers same-day appointments when necessary. We accept most major insurance plans and are currently welcoming new patients. 

Our Mission 

To strengthen our community by nurturing and protecting each patients’ whole being, body and mind, through advanced internal medicine and behavioral health care. 

Our Vision

Modern medicine has achieved an unprecedented level of sophistication in its ability to diagnose and treat disease. At the same time, issues in the delivery of modern health care have set the stage for a diminished doctor-patient relationship, often to the dissatisfaction of both.

Providing the highest level of care in medicine requires a detailed understanding of not only a patient’s symptoms, but also the total environment influencing his or her well being. Dr. Stevanovic understands that psycho-social pressures, such as patients’ daily stresses, set the stage for a number of diseases. Often a patient’s coping mechanisms are ineffective. For this reason, we have integrated behavioral health services into our internal medicine practice well before it became popular to do so.  

As a small private practice, we have created a home-like environment for our patients and ourselves. We receive all patients with kindness, dignity, and respect for the inner self. All personal matters remain private and confidential.