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Radomir D. Stevanovic, MD, P.C.

Internal medicine and behavioral health • Welcoming new patients • Accepting all major insurance plans
Radomir D. Stevanovic, MD
Radomir D. Stevanovic, MD

Ithaca Primary Care is committed to providing the highest quality primary care and behavioral health services for patients in Tompkins County, NY, and the surrounding communities.

Our office provides Primary Care Internal Medicine and Behavioral Health services for adults aged 18 and older. We provide comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and care for our patients, paying particular attention to the influence of their day-to-day lives on their health and well-being. We place special emphasis on diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, hypertension, respiratory disease, as well as other chronic and acute conditions.

Health care during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic need not affect the rest of your health care!

At Ithaca Primary Care our office is open and here for you. We can visit with you via telephone or video, if you prefer noncontact. Our office is open for in-person visits, whether routine or to address an urgent need.

The health and safety of our patients, visitors, employees, and our communities remain a top priority. In line with the latest New York State Department of Health guidelines related to COVID-19, we have revised our office visit procedures. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

Face masks are required for entry. Please complete the preregistration form and screening prior to arrival. If you are unable to complete preregistration before the appointment, please arrive at least 15 minutes early. At this time, visitors are not permitted to accompany patients to their appointments, unless special assistance is required, such as those with mobility, intellectual and/or developmental disabilities or other cognitive impairments. Please call 607-266-9100 before entering. 

Please feel free to contact us 24/7 at 607-266-9100.

Radomir D. Stevanovic, MD

Meet Our Providers

Under the leadership of Dr. Stevanovic, the Ithaca Primary Care experts work to build relationships with the persons in their care by establishing an old-fashioned doctor-patient relationship based on trust, competence, and genuine concern. The first step is ensuring that adequate time is always taken to provide thorough and attentive examinations. By working closely with their patients, the physicians at Ithaca Primary Care take a whole-person approach to compassionate and effective health care.

Online Resources for Our Patients

For Our Patients

Ithaca Primary Care offers same-day appointments. We accept most major insurance plans and are currently accepting new patients.

As a small private practice, we have created a home-like environment for our patients and ourselves. We treat all patients with dignity, kindness and respect for the being within. All personal information remains private and confidential.

Share in Your Care Blog

Our ‘Share in Your Care’ articles are designed to help educate our patients and serve as a valuable resource for relevant medical information.


Staffs and doctors are very nice and professional
Yang R.
19:52 12 Aug 21
A good experience.. all done with professional manners and courtesy.
Robert B.
17:34 10 Feb 21
Dr. Stevanovic is incredible, he cares deeply for his patients. The staff is courteous and professional. I highly recommend Ithaca Primary Care.
15:28 29 Jan 21
Gerry T.
14:23 19 Jan 21
The care and kindness I am given is amazing. I love the staff and doctors. Dr. S’s wife, Susan, is so sweet. Dr. Nancy keeps me accountable!
Gwen L.
19:41 13 Jan 21
Friendly thorough, and insightful. Therapies suggested for problems I have before I asked about them. Diagnostics for problems that are developing which are below my radar. My quality of life has already improved and we are just starting. Thank you, Doctor.
Geoffrey L.
22:45 06 Jan 21
Very professional people, always a good experience, nurses my doctor, well rounded friendly knowledgeable people. I would recommend anyone to visit here or get their primary doctor switched to there. Keep up the great work.
Chris F.
16:34 22 Dec 20
This practice has steadily grown and improved over the past 9 years I've been going. They have friendly staff who patiently explain things and use new technologies. Dr. Stevanovic is very clear and will tell you like it is.
Ithaca Fixer- -John C.
15:38 15 Dec 20
Very detailed oriented and provided the most thorough physical exam I have ever had in my adult life. He noticed a few concerning areas and gave referrals as needed. Dr. Stevanovic is a very knowledgeable physician with much experience and adequately answered any questions I had, he never seemed rushed at any point in my visit.
Alanna B.
16:57 07 Dec 20
Always have great care all the staff are wonderful and welcoming the doctor is great always spends a lot of time listening and addressing my concerns I highly recommend Ithaca primary care
Tammy H.
20:12 01 Dec 20
Visiting Ithaca Primary Care is more like stopping over to a friends home than a clinic. The staff are always welcoming and you feel they are truly glad to see you and care to your needs. Dr. Stevanovic's devotion to quality and detail is outstanding! He does'nt miss a thing in the concern and care of you as his patient.
mark T.
00:59 27 Nov 20
The first time I saw Dr. Stevanovic he was being really sweet to an elderly man in the waiting room. This kindness will be extended to you as well -- you can tell this is a man who really wants to help people by the way he takes his time with patients. Not to mention, he is a seasoned hospital doctor who you can tell has amassed tons of knowledge over his career. He will go into full detail with you. If you're looking for a great doctor, your search is over.
Will R.
16:55 25 Nov 20
Doc discovered my husband had cancer by carefully doing a screening test his previous doctor had never done. He is very thorough and careful! We are so grateful.I had an asthma attack today, and when I called, Doc told me to come right in, where he took great care of me! This office is the absolute best. The staff treat me like family. I am a nurse and I know great care when I am fortunate enough to receive it!
Tracy C.
19:24 24 Nov 20
Never wait for a long time to see the Dr., always feel time spent is adequate, and my questions are always answered. Always recommend this office to others. Had my yearly follow-up and get a very thorough check and discussion. There is care and compassion, interest and knowledge of me, and pertinent conversation.Has a great sense of humor and personality. He is knowledgeable and ready to explain as needed. Never leave feeling things are not complete.
Jeff U.
03:04 14 Nov 20
Nice and personable staff and doctor. Online check-in was very convenient and saved me a lot of time filling out papers on-site.
Caleb Y.
23:13 02 Nov 20
The doctor helped inspire me to make some needed changes in my life. Also, the nurse and receptionist are extremely kind and friendly. Good people, professional care.
Nick F.
21:34 23 Oct 20
Dr. Stevanovic is a thorough, caring professional. He takes the time to address all my concerns and answer any questions I have. I always enjoy my appointments, and the staff is friendly and comfortable. Highly recommend.
David A.
01:06 21 Oct 20
Dr. Stevanovic is AMAZING! He is kind and very knowledgeable which makes for a great doctor. A highly recommend.
Sina F.
16:53 20 Oct 20
Efficient & Effective. Thanks.
Paul R.
12:42 20 Oct 20
Me encanta la atención que recibo en este centro de salud y por supuesto el control que tengo con mi salud.
20:13 05 Sep 20
Only one visit so far - everyone was very nice. No waiting and by registering online there was minimal paperwork to fill out when I arrived. Very convenient and all issues were addressed/referred to the appropriate parties. Will be returning.
sander L.
18:31 01 Sep 20
We had a very good experience and would recommend this practice.
Judy L.
21:38 07 Aug 20
Dr. Stevanovic is highly trained and patient centered. He knows how to listen to others, keep those points of view in perspective, with options for a patient to continue to learn, grow medically, and adjust to dealing with their respective conditions. I was very positively impressed.James C. Carpenter, Ph.D
James C.
20:24 13 Jul 20
I have been a nurse for 43 yrs., 11 mos. I have never worked with or had a Physician as thorough, or as compassionate as Dr. Stevanovich. He gets me in when I need to be seen, his office staff are compassionate, friendly and professional. Dr. Stevanovich leaves nothing out as he provides care, and listens closely to you. I am so happy I found him.He takes care of my son as well, which is how I heard about him, and my son raves about the great, thorough, compassionate, professional care he has received! I recommend this clinic to ALL!!!!!
Susan J.
22:34 10 Jul 20
I have been a patient for years...the entire staff is amazing always..I always feel like my well being and health is the main concern..I am always treated with respect, kindness, and even love...he is an incredible man...I will never go anywhere else!
Shelly C.
16:11 30 Jun 20
Friendly staff. In my experience, I find Dr. Stevanovic to be warm & welcoming. He is very knowledgeable, listens well and really cares.
Jacques C.
20:35 23 Jun 20
I'm very happy with the nurses and Dr. Stevonovich, they are all very professional as well as personable.
Tim H.
14:54 17 Jun 20
The Doctor and staff were all super friendly. The doctor asked many questions and goes over everything. He's old school and really cares. I think I've found a doctor I'm going to love. Good doctors are hard to find.
Jodi M.
00:04 12 Jun 20
Short wait for an excellent Doctor. He's smart, compassionate and truly cares about his patients, a rare quality, indeed!
Debra S.
18:07 11 Jun 20
Dr. Stevanovic always is thorough and takes his time with you, addressing all of your needs. It appears to me that his medical skills are excellent. All of the staff are friendly and helpful.
Ellen R.
14:59 05 Jun 20
When I went for my first appointment, both Dr. Stevanovic, his nurse, and his office staff listened carefully to my concerns and were open to my suggestions. Dr. Stevanovic is clearly well educated, has compassion, and has many medicinal experiences to draw from as he treats his patients. Small and personable office.
Cheryl H.
14:31 21 May 20
Everyone was very nice, helpful and professional.
Penny L.
17:57 18 May 20
Great service, not rushed and very thorough!!
Lucylia E.
22:35 30 Apr 20
I have always been very satisfied with the care and attention I receive at Ithaca Primary Care. The entire staff, especially Dr. Stevanovic, take a genuine interest in all my concerns, and make every attempt to answer any questions I have. Excellent Care!!
a M.
19:08 13 Mar 20
The most thorough physical I've ever had in my life . Dr had incredible bedside manner . He scheduled me several specialist appointments as well . The office staff were efficient and knowledgeable.
Molly B.
18:04 11 Mar 20
Very good follow-up visit, nurse Edith and Dr. Stevanovic were very thorough and efficient
Robert B.
21:57 03 Mar 20
Dr. Stevanovic is amazing and truly cares about his patients.
Debra B.
18:13 13 Feb 20
Dr. Stevanovic is very kind and thorough. His nursing staff are excellent as well.
Allison H.
18:52 06 Feb 20
I greatly apreciate Dr S' sincere concern for my health. He also takes good care of my wife who's always had very unique and varied issues. We love Dr. S and are very fortunate we found him after relocating to Lansing 2 years ago.
Sid L.
11:58 31 Jan 20
I came a little tardy, and they still made sure they saw me. They moved nice and gave great service!
Shontee H.
17:09 28 Jan 20
One of our favorite doctors. Very experienced, cares about every aspect of your health, takes a personal interest in your wellbeing, thorough, amazing bedside manner, gentle... his staff are also very caring, professional, friendly, and helpful. Highly recommend him.
Robert R
23:03 18 Jan 20
I spent an hour with Dr. Stevanovic this afternoon in his Ithaca office. He isn't "just" a doctor, he's a compassionate, caring, thorough, sincere man of great knowledge. I'm so grateful to Cleveland Clinic for recommending him as someone more local to treat the many difficulties I have with my health, especially diabetes.
Margaret P.
06:06 08 Jan 20
🎵 ... spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.🎵 Yes, yes, yes--------and Dr. S. is that spoonful of sugar.
Franz L.
15:10 17 Dec 19
It was fine. Dr. S was friendly and warm.
James B.
15:33 28 Nov 19
My first visit was an intimidating one given i just moved into town from FL and never being to a Doctors office! The nurses are very cordial and professional, they ask you many questions to find out truly the root and cause of your problem i am very happy and satisfied. Dr. Stevanovic is an encyclopedia guys, very knowledgeable, so ask your questions and he will encourage to do so! I am satisfied with the overall service, Nurses, Dr. Stevanovic, everybody on his team is great!
Jorge Duany N.
22:07 27 Nov 19
The whole team is wonderful. They are kind, pleasant to speak with, and all health concerns brought to the staff or Dr. Stevanovic, no matter how small or benign, are addressed immediately and taken seriously. This is the first office I've come to that I actually feel heard with regards to concerns. Dr. Stevanovic seems to genuinely care about his patients mental, emotional, and physical well-being. He has a great sense of humor, and is always available to answer questions or explain something more fully if I'm not understanding.The patient summary pages and additional information handouts are amazing. I really appreciate those, and the depth of records on the patient portal!
Carolynn S.
14:53 30 Oct 19
I am currently suffering from a dermatological issue ( an itchy rash covering my torso and legs ) that the Dr. is helping me to solve. We are actively working together to find the cause and I appreciate that Dr. Stevanovic has personally called me to discuss his continued findings as we move through the process of finding a solution. Thank you, Doctor~
Jennifer S.
15:45 23 Oct 19
Stevanovic is a very personable doctor and really takes the time to listen. I am very happy I switched to have him as my primary.
Tk D.
18:32 14 Aug 19
Old school Dr.with new school education. Good sense of humour and friendly staff.
Richard St. J.
20:30 13 Aug 19
Absolutely INCREDIBLE care. 10/10 would recommend this clinic to anyone!!
Nick W.
21:16 01 Jul 19
Dr. Stevanovic, was actually thinking of my health as a person,Yesterday. It was very pleasant visit. First time since the first time I seen him. Thank you.
Sandra C.
14:08 26 Jun 19
I've always been pleased with the medical care from Dr. Stevanovic. Good to see that his office is now functioning efficiently. Big improvement.
Dick F.
13:15 26 Jun 19
Awesome and caring doctor
Tiffany M.
23:08 04 Jun 19
I have been a patient of Dr. Stevanovic's for 3+ years now and he has helped me in more ways than I can say. He puts special care in to hiring compassionate, kind and thorough staff who are helpful and professional. The time that he takes with his patients is uncommon nowadays and I appreciate all the tender love and care he provides, whether it is a regular annual physical or a sick visit. I encouraged my parents to switch primary care physicians because of the excellent care he provides so now my entire family uses Ithaca Primary Care for our general wellness and health.
Annie Q.
15:50 10 May 19
First visit was informative and constructive. Looking forward to next visit for full physical. Doctor and staff were very professional and efficient. Got a warm feeling for patient-Doctor relationship.
Robert B.
18:08 04 Apr 19
They are a wonderful practice where the doctor and staff really understand their people and make each visit very comfortable. They are also good about unexpected conflicts and re-scheduling. I have a couple of good friends who also feel the same way, 😊 I recommend Primary Care highly.
18:24 03 Apr 19
Everyone was friendly, attentive, and helpful. Excellent, detailed exam.
Jack M.
14:10 29 Mar 19
Physical was very complete, Doctor very sensitive to patient needs, staff highly organized, to say I was satisfied is an understatement.I’ve met a number of Doctors over the years, I appreciate Doctor Stevanovic to a degree I cannot praise enough. It’s not just that he obviously knows what he’s doing, the manner he applies his superior skill is very appreciated.
Steve S.
00:31 28 Mar 19
I truly don't know what I would do or where my health would be without Dr. Stevanovic. I highly recommend him for all your primary care needs.
Bill S.
15:33 01 Mar 19
I'm always satisfied with the care I receive. They're all very professional.
Jacob O.
23:34 28 Feb 19
Dr. Stevanovic is dedicated doctor and he will give himself all to address your needs. He is the only doctor in Ithaca that offers counseling services for his patients at his office because he not only cares for your physical health, but understands the importance of mental and emotional wellbeing.
mirjana D.
22:53 05 Jan 19
Dr. Stevanovic is wonderful caring doctor, who takes the time to get to know you. He and his staff treat you with respect and gentle understanding. They listen to you and do not make you feel like your on an assembly line. I was amazed how much better I felt after my appointment with Dr. Stevanovic.I highly recommended Dr. Stevanovic and his staff to everyone who wants some old fashion up to date medical care.
Janet W.
14:35 24 Nov 18
Dr. Stevanovic is an extremely caring and most knowledgeable physician. I was greatly satisfied with my visit and will highly recommend him.
Gavriel S.
22:58 13 Nov 18
Dr. Stevanovic and his staff are excellent professionals and at the same time very responsive to patient concerns -- I highly recommend Ithaca Primary Care to anyone.
15:18 02 Nov 18
Excellent care in a friendly, comfortable, relaxed setting. They were able to see me for a very acute, painful illness. Promptly surveyed the situation and ran some tests. Made a diagnosis and an appointment for me with a specialist the next day. By the time I saw the specialist (who was an excellent recommendation as well), I was already feeling much, much better. I've been going there for years for routine care, but the big difference is knowing that they are there for you and CARE about you when you need them the most. Thanks to everyone at Ithaca Primary Care. You all are tops at what you do!
Edward B.
17:27 04 Oct 18